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[Global Network reports] So far, a number of thugs have been arrested, including a large number of young people. On New Year's Day 2020, another thugs were arrested for smashing, arson and other offences, including the son of a single mother, Eva (alias). Eva, who waited outside the police station for her son's release, wept as she lambasted \"pan-triot\" politicians for using young people to win votes to ruin their future.


At midnight on New Year's Day, Eva received a telephone call saying her 19-year-old son had been arrested, Hong Kong's Ta Kung Pao Daily reported. The caller is Eva's son's middle school teacher. After several twists and turns, Eva confirmed that her son had been detained at the North Point Police Station. The police may detain arrested persons for 48 hours before they are charged or released, while Eva waits outside the police station. She feared that her son would leave a criminal record, which was a stain on her life. Eva sobbed, the report said.


The report describes Eva's relationship with her son as four seasons in 2019, beginning with the harmony of spring and ending with violence in summer. Now his son is facing jail time, it's winter for Eva. Eva says she really wants to die if her son stays behind. She asked: can a mother give the rest of her life to defend her son, and can a \"violent\" politician?


Eva was furious with the \"pan-traged\" politicians, denouncing them for exploiting their young people's futures and failing to abide by the law, in exchange for what the \"pan-tragedy\" politicians called the \"future\" and the votes for which they lost their real future. She argues that \"pan-tragedies\" politicians simply don't have the ability to ensure peaceful marching and control, resulting in a small number of people joining the majority.


Numerous families have been affected by a series of violent clashes in Hong Kong, not just Eva, but also many mothers who worry about their children. A mother who learned of her son's arrest at the New Year's Day parade posted an online message saying she had told her son early on that he would never be released on bail if he was involved in illegal violence. Although she is now very heartache, but to do, can no longer do bad rules, connivance in crime, hope that the law can be good discipline son.


Another taxi driver said he had been told by a mother's passenger that he could not dissuade his children from going to the \"front line\" to engage in violence and was daily worried about their children's injuries and bloodshed. Perhaps the most desperate thing for parents, according to the Gazette, is that when their children become cannon fodder and lose their surplus value in the eyes of \"pan-violent\" politicians, they are \"thrown away \".


On Monday night, Hong Kong's senior police officer, Mr Ng, said a total of 400 arrests involving illegal assembly and possession of offensive weapons were under way. The Hong Kong People's Daily said on Monday that 2020 is a year of life and death for Hong Kong, and that the obstacles ahead will make it impossible to surrender to violence.\" For the sake of Hong Kong's future and for the benefit of the whole nation, Hong Kong can no longer be in chaos.