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There is a good friend in the sea. Known as the \"land of the world \", chile is widely known in china for its poet neruda, the easter island stone, its fat salmon, its sweet cherry and cost-effective red wine.


Chile's ambassador to China, Louis Schmidt, has been interviewed by People's Daily Overseas. In the interview, Schmidt, who served twice as ambassador to China, expressed his love for China. In 2020, which coincides with the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Chile, Mr Schmidt hopes to use the opportunity to deepen economic and cultural exchanges between the two countries.


Schmidt, then a farmer, first came to China in 1991. \"When I was selling Chilean wine, the Chinese said they liked to drink white wine, and when I was selling Chilean fruit, the Chinese said imported fruit was too expensive to buy only domestic fruit. Despite the lack of success, Schmidt was not discouraged.\" China has a large population and large demand. Since then, I have seen great potential for the Chinese market.


In more than 20 years, mr schmidt's \"predictions\" have come true. Today, China is the largest export market for Chilean wine, and Chile is the country's largest source of fresh fruit imports. Speaking of the Chilean cherry, which has gained popularity in China in recent years, Schmidt smiled. \"Since November, Chile's cherry has entered the harvest season, with the biggest output coming in January and February of the following year, when the Chinese New Year falls. Mr. Schmidt said he was pleased that Chile's cherry had also entered the list of Chinese annuals, and that more and more Chinese would take the Chilean cherry with them during the Spring Festival.


From lack of people to popular sales, chile wine, fruit in the chinese market, the treatment of changes, is the country's economic and social development. The experience of being ambassador to China twice gave Schmidt a keen sense of the \"spring river warm duck prophet \". \"I greatly admire the achievements made by China over the past 70 years, especially since the reform and opening up have completely changed China. China is now the world's second-largest economy, contributing more than 30% to the world economy, and its prosperity is closely linked to world development.


The red-hot cherry not only witnessed the chinese crossing the red-hot days, but also reflected the growing economic and trade ties between china and chile.


Chile was the first Latin American country to sign a bilateral agreement with China on China's accession to the WTO, the first to recognize China's full market economy status, and the first to sign a bilateral free trade agreement with China. When I first became Ambassador to China in 2010, the United States, Japan, and Germany were Chile ' s top three trading partners, with China ranking only 10th; now China has jumped to become Chile ' s top trading partner. "said Schmidt.


More than 1.5 million Chileans who depend on the fruit industry chain have profited from trade with China; some small Chilean farmhouses have become big companies using the \"east wind\" of the Chinese market. Schmidt has a strong understanding of this,\" if china develops well, chile will.\" He looked forward to the depth and breadth of pragmatic cooperation between the two countries.


Mr Schmidt rejoiced that pragmatic cooperation between the two countries was expanding from the fruit trade to broader areas such as services and investment. In 2017, Chinese companies bought an 85 percent stake in Chile's Magic Lion winery; in 2018, Chinese companies bought a percent stake in Chile's lithium industry giant Chile's chemical industry for about $4 billion; and in 2019, Chinese companies bought Chile's leading salmon company...


Schmidt believes that the co-construction of \"Belt and Road\" will become the main axis of pragmatic cooperation in the future. With the smooth progress of the two countries'co-construction of \"Belt and Road \", cooperation in various fields, including infrastructure, trade and investment, will open up a new situation.


The deep blending of the economic and trade fields has helped the hearts of the two peoples to keep approaching. Mr Schmidt said the Chilean government was ready to push more Chileans to learn Chinese and understand Chinese culture.


“To communicate more smoothly with Chinese businessmen, many Chilean farmers are actively learning Chinese. Mr Schmidt says there are many institutions in Chile that offer Chinese education. In the capital, santiago, an elementary school named yangtze school has taken the lead in opening chinese courses, and since then many schools in chile have introduced chinese courses. Mr. Schmidt said the Confucius Institute was popular in Chile, where his daughter had studied Chinese and often returned to practice it to keep her language sensitive.


Speaking about his study of chinese, mr schmidt said with a chuckle:\" I have only 40 or 50 chinese vocabulary, and it's too difficult to pronounce four chinese phonetics.\" However, language barriers do not stop Schmidt's enthusiasm for Chinese culture,\" I like Chinese drama and music, whether the style is classical or modern. It's also ballet, and Chinese ballet is different from the unique beauty of Western ballet.


The more he knows about Chinese culture, the more he knows about the uniqueness of Chinese culture. In Schmidt's view, the long and splendid history and culture of China still jump in the life of ordinary Chinese. \"Every time I read Confucius and Lao Tzu, I will deepen my understanding of the Chinese ideological and behavioral patterns.


With china and chile celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2020, schmidt hopes to use this as an opportunity to further enliven cultural exchanges and bring the two peoples closer together. Schmidt said that the Nobel Prize winner, the Chilean poet Neruda, visited China many times and called the Chinese people \"brothers \". To commemorate Neruda's contribution to the friendship between the two countries, a sculpture of Neruda was set up in Chaoyang Park, Beijing in 2014.


Mr. Schmidt says Chinese literature has brought more Chileans closer to Chinese culture, just as Neruda has made Chilean culture popular in China. The similar style of Chinese writer Mo Yan to the Latin American representative of magical realism, Marks, makes Chileans feel very friendly, and many Chileans like to read Mo Yan's novels. \"I like Mo's\" Red Sorghum \"to understand the social picture of the 1930s. Schmidt hopes that on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, through holding a series of cultural exchanges, such as a dialogue of writers between the two countries, to further narrow the cultural psychological distance between the two peoples.