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The much-watched copy of the Titanic is still under construction for its hull, and the entire \"romantic Mediterranean\" tourist holiday, including the Titanic, is also in full swing at the scene.


Three years ago, surging news reported that seven star energy investment group limited (hereinafter referred to as \"seven star energy \") chairman of the romantic mediterranean scenic spot su shaojun to invest in the entire\" romantic mediterranean \"tourism project, including the titanic, sold several good-for-nothing energy projects.


In a recent interview with the surging news, Su Shaojun said his energy projects in Sichuan had \"sold almost \". When the surging news asked how much remained of its energy project, Su Shaojun's voice fell low and looked at the distant Castle Peak and said,\" Now, there is still a little bit in Zhejiang.\"


Asked by the surging news whether Su Shaojun regretted selling the energy project to invest in tourism projects, Su Shaojun categorically denied it, adding:\" I think it's good, this project.\"


In November 2016, with the launch of the replica Titanic keel laying, the massive reproduction project gained instant fame. However, the expected completion and opening hours of the project have been delayed.


The visitor experience center and replica of the Titanic in the Romantic Mediterranean, which officially started in May 2014, was initially scheduled to make its maiden voyage on October 1,2017, before the expected opening of the indoor beach in the Titanic and the Romantic Mediterranean, Ocean Star (tentatively named), was postponed until October 1,2018.


Su Shaojun said in an interview with the surging news that the current expected progress of the copy of the Titanic is to strive for its full completion and trial operation by the end of 2020, while the beach is expected to officially open trial operation in the first half of 2020.


Because there are too many factors in it. Su Shaojun confessed,\" It's much more difficult than we thought. Originally we thought that after the drawings were obtained, we would cooperate with the shipyard, when the professional shipyard was expected to be completed in two years, so we first said that two or three years could be open to the public.


Mr Su explained to the surging news that the real start of construction found it \"much more difficult\" than expected, most notably inland shipbuilding. \"If you can't do it on a rainy day, the time must be delayed. Another piece of steel is coming this way, rewelding it, and soon in the workshop. \"We're trying to do what we can,\" he said.


\"There are more than 1,200 portholes on the edge of the Titanic. It took 26 days for our porthole to be restored at 1:1. Xu junnian, deputy general manager of romantic mediterranean scenic spot and head of construction and construction for the titanic, added that in the early stage because of the outdoor shipbuilding, in addition to the need to overcome a lot of rain weather, but also to overcome the winter heat, summer cabin temperature of more than 80 degrees,\" this is the biggest reason for the progress.\"


The surging news sees at the project site that the Titanic is still under construction for the hull, with its dock and hull stacked with steel plates, its cabin's bare bulbs glowing orange, and its iron panels outside each compartment marked with numbers and class.


"The thickness of the ship's steel plate built by the Titanic is 22-25(mm), one layer of welding is not finished. Xu Junnian walked along, proudly introducing:" You see the welding process, how fine, the piecework is a straight line ……”


Mr xu also noted that the greatest difficulty in late-stage replication of the titanic was in the interior:\" the glass dome on top of the titanic, which only singapore (supplier) could do, took us six months to find it.\" As long as we can find the original material, it must be the original recovery. We're going to be a real, restored Titanic.


Originally, the total investment in replicating the titanic was estimated at about 1 billion yuan (rmb, the same below), and the total investment in visitor experience centers was estimated at 100 million yuan. So far, Su Shaojun has still not lent money to the bank, and the investors are still only one of Zhejiang Yinxin and Chengdu Asset Management Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as \"Zhejiang Yinxin and \").


In August 2016, Qixing Energy, together with Zhejiang Yinxin and together, set up the Jingning Seven Star Tourism Industry Development Partnership, each with a 1 billion each,50 percent stake, with a total investment of 2 billion.


Su shaojun admitted that \"funds have indeed encountered difficulties \", the most difficult time cannot even pay employees. \"Many people suggest how to bring down prices, in other words, lower quality. But I say the quality of the ship must come first. Su Shaojun's face insisted.


In response to current funding problems, mr. su said funding for beach baths, tourist centers and the build-up of the titanic had been largely resolved, with no funding gap.


On the other hand, if the beach opens in the first half of 2020, it will relieve a lot of pressure on the construction of other projects, including the romantic mediterranean.


According to Su Shaojun's assumption, the overall planning of the whole project, including the Romantic Mediterranean Sea, covers an area of 6800 mu, with a total investment of 10 billion yuan, which is completed in three phases. The project, which includes a copy of the Titanic, a visitor center and a beach, is open for phase one. As for the second and third phases of the project, Su Shaojun said \"the investment is too big \".


\"The budget is over budget, so we want the beach to open as soon as possible, and the cash flow will come back.\" Su shaojun said,\" companies must first have self-hematopoietic function, and then we will self-financing, financing and loans, and find partners and investors to solve the problem of subsequent construction investment.\"


\"We used to have a piece of land for us to do real estate development and sell it to the Titanic,\" he said. Don't do real estate, that money won't make money, guarantee money for the Titanic.


\"I believe that in a few years, the project will certainly surpass the Qingcheng Mountain, Jiuzhaigou and other well-known tourist attractions. Su shaojun confidently said that the \"romantic mediterranean\" barrier is to copy the titanic, and others cannot copy.


\"We invited international Titanic experts, as well as British and American experts, to the Belfast Titanic Museum. Implanting the Titanic culture is actually the hardest thing to do. \"Su Shaojun's idea is to always put quality first when cost, speed and so on are in conflict with quality. \"We're going to build this boat by craft grade, and we've been working on a toilet for months. \".


\"At the moment we have more information on the Titanic than any company or individual in the world. There won't be a second one in the world, even if he comes to see it, he won't be able to build it. Mr Xu said the team had used \"all the resources available globally\" to collect information on the Titanic.


Mr. Su said he didn't plan to step in at first because he didn't know how to invest across banks, but that the third time he was taken to Singapore, Macau and other places, he was gradually attracted. The reason why he is interested in selling energy projects is that China's tourism market is relatively single.


鈥淭he old man at GC in the United States asked me,'You know, Transformers recouped their investments for 10 months. Doing tourism requires doing cultural and storytelling. "In Su Shaojun's view, this is also really a gap in the current Chinese tourism industry," because this matter I was moved, otherwise I [energy] stores have sold back to Zhejiang, and cannot eat, why so hard.


In Su Shaojun's view, now a lot of tourism projects are sightseeing,\" buy a ticket to see, some performances feel very good, really have cultural connotations really few.\"


\"A lot of tourism products, tourism projects are eager to achieve immediate benefits, spend a hundred or two billion or hundreds of millions, create a landscape, do something, the money is collected again, all the energy to do real estate, not the heart of the travel. Su shaojun said,\" the end of the end around the villa, and sell the house.\"


On December 20,2019, the \"Romantic Mediterranean\" scenic spot issued an announcement of the \"Titanic Volunteer Global Invitation event \", which invited people who loved the Titanic to do volunteer work for the world.


It is understood that the plan to recruit a total of 200 volunteers, each batch of 50. After completing the training on Titanic's spiritual and cultural identity and ship safety, the volunteers will take part in what they can in the construction site according to their own expertise, including providing simple living services to workers, conducting non-important construction welding work on board ships, and participating in high-definition video recording work on site.


The project will provide accommodation and transportation to the volunteers, with dedicated staff responsible for recording the log of volunteer service and the details of the work, and taking the production of commemorative photos, which can be entered into the volunteer certificate to witness the volunteers'participation in the reconstruction of the Titanic.


Su told the news that as soon as the notice of volunteer recruitment had been sent out on the u.s. social platform facebook, a dozen applications were received, with one of the oldest men over 60 years of age and three french were hoping to make a documentary.


The \"romantic mediterranean\" project site staff told the news that people often come to see the progress of the construction of the titanic,\" a lot of people come from all over the weekend, people are concerned.\"


In fact, Titanic fans abroad are more \"fanatical \". Workers who built and copied the titanic told the news that a foreigner from the construction site had returned to the u.s. with a piece of junk and signed his name, selling for more than $60 on the u.s. online trading platform.


It is worth noting that since the Titanic is joined by more than three million rivets, Su Shaojun believes that rivets represent strong and eternal, so will launch a \"life rivet\" product, each rivet generates a unique life code and two-dimensional code, visitors can nail their \"life rivets\" on the scenic Titanic Titanic, for permanent storage.


Su said that in the future, the operation of the replica of the Titanic would be managed by the world's leading cruise ship management company. Su Shaojun hopes that the \"romantic Mediterranean\" project will become a leading project for tourism in Sichuan.


An old employee who followed Su Shaojun's work for seven or eight years said that Su Shaojun's most common phrase is: must be done, but also will certainly be done. (For more original information, please download the \"Surging News\" app)