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In the past, poor villages whose income depended on lumberjacks and lumberjacks met with a total ban on cutting. Mohe city, heilongjiang province, based on its own unique resources, with the help of policy support, do live rural tourism, poor hat took off. North red village not only out of poverty, but also become a well-known rich village, want to do, to do the concept has been deeply rooted.


There is a North Red Village in Mohe City, the northernmost province in China's Heilongjiang Province, on the northern edge of the Arctic Town of Mohe City. To borrow the words of Cao Guofan, secretary of the Arctic Town Party Committee, the location of the North Red Village is more north than the known tourist destination, the Arctic Village.


As the only poor village in the town, Beihong Village once had a low income due to its single industrial structure. In recent years, Beihong Village seize the policy opportunities, vigorously develop rural tourism, in just a few years, the old appearance for a new face, completed from the dilapidated backward to beautiful livable turn.


Only four o'clock in the afternoon, it was dark, the wind like a needle, piercing face pain. The two visitors met Zhang Fushun, then the village secretary, and asked the village where there was a hotel. Zhang Fushun a bitter smile,\" every household living woodcut corrugated son, what hotel?\"


As a last resort, he took the two to his house and ordered his wife to kill the chicken stew. \"The dish comes up, let not eat, let drink not drink, persuade urgent, just move chopsticks twice.\" Zhang Fushun wondered. When he went to bed at night, his wife understood that he was afraid of going to the toilet.\" It was a dry toilet in the yard.


The next day, the two girls left the village with disappointment.\" The conditions are far worse than in the nearby Arctic village.\" The visitor's words deeply stung Zhang Fushun.


At that time, the North Red Village, is also in the low period of development. \"The frost-free period is only more than 80 days, a year can only grow a stubble of soybeans, per mu yield of only more than 200 jin. The income from cutting wood and pulling wood into nearby forest farms is the main source of livelihood for the whole village. Zhang Fushun said:\" With the limited cutting of forest areas and the subsequent total ban on cutting, this income suddenly disappeared. In those years, the whole village young and old have panicked, this day can do later?\"


“Tourism across the Mohe River had begun at that time, and some visitors had come to the village of Beihong, but because of the limited conditions of reception, they were often left on the spur of the moment." Zhang fushun and several village cadres together," arctic village alone is not spring, we have to do the north red village name hall."


The following year, the village two committees changed, zhang fushun no longer run, spent half a year to flip the new house, autumn harvest soybeans, north red village the first family hotel \"fushun inn\" officially opened. \"I didn't dare to think that in the winter of that year, the five rooms were full almost every day, and the list of reservations had been arranged until after the Spring Festival. In another year, Zhang Fushun originally invested in the renovation of new housing costs of more than 100,000 yuan in full recovery.


At this time, leading the north red village forward baton handed over to the new branch of the hands of Zhao Minxing. As soon as he took office, he and Zhang Fushun pondered how to let the whole village people also build up the east wind of rural tourism. \"There are 119 original woodcut-style old houses in the village, all built of logs and wooden bars, which preserve the features of the Russian folk houses in a relatively complete manner, and do not worry about no guests coming.


In 2013, the village committees sought special funds from the city for the renovation of old houses and the development of family hotels. There were only a few respondents, and only 21 had applied. In 2014, the village of Beihong, which had no way out, was designated as a poor village.


Only 20 of the 21 households have actually been restructured. \"Although Zhang Fushun took the lead in playing an exemplary role, everyone had a wait-and-see attitude about whether rural tourism could develop or not. The renovations will also require $100,000 for each household, with the remainder covered by the Government. \"It wasn't a small sum at the time,\" Zhao said.


The shaken one, is the villager Li Yuncai, paid the money a few days, and chased Zhao Minxing back. \"Thinking of the government's help in the renovation of the house, even if no guests to at least improve their living conditions, but after the money and heartache, this is a life savings ah.\"


Zhao Minxing is not discouraged, with the village cadres and the project team to participate in the planning, design, the final determination of the renovation of the main masonry structure, but the facade decoration to the original woodcut style, to maximize the retention of the village's national characteristics. \"The original woodcut corrugated house is mainly wood structure, but winter is not insulation, hygiene conditions are poor.\" Zhao Minxing said.


In december,20 family hotels opened as promised. \"Four rooms are in short supply, and there are calls every day. In the first three months of its opening, it made more than 20,000 yuan to keep up with the wages it had paid to work in the forest farm. \"Northern Inn\" owner Zhou Keyu said.


Zhao Minxing rough calculation, from December to the following year March, the village unexpectedly received overnight visitors nearly 10,000 people, resulting in tourism income of more than 1 million yuan. Next, don't need Zhao Minxing to do work again, many villagers go to the village ministry to request renovation house, open family hotel.


Zhang Fuli, the child was found to have congenital diabetes at the age of 9, previously lived in more than 40 square meters of woodcut corrugated, now 4 big Kang,2 standard room, clean and tidy. With the help of the North Red Village Poverty Alleviation Task Force stationed by the Mohe City Finance Bureau, Zhang Fuli applied for a discount loan to build a new house and opened a family hotel in November 2017. \"Net income of more than 50,000 yuan in 2018, and then this winter, and strive to pay the loan to build a house. said Zhang Fuli.


Another establishment card household,65-year-old Bai Yongsheng, high blood pressure plus lumbar disc prominent, long-term cannot do heavy work. Taking advantage of the east wind of country tourism, he picked up the old horse-drawn plough again. \"It used to go into the mountains to pull wood for the forest farm, but now it's pulling tourists around Heilongjiang. You can make 200 yuan for an hour. Bai Yongsheng said that the village has been on the tour since the end of November, and now he has made three or four thousand yuan.


Up to now, there are 72 family hotels in Beihong Village and 38 farmers with special agricultural products. In 2018, Beihong Village received a total of 10,000 tourists, the per capita net income of farmers reached 10,000 yuan, the end of the year not only to achieve the whole village out of poverty, but also to become a well-known rich village far and near.


In July last year, Beihong Village was selected as the first batch of key villages for rural tourism. \"The tourist sign came out, but how can we not let it get dusty?\" Zhao Minxing thought. In the last two years he has been worried about the phenomenon of malicious slaughter. And at this time, the village within the homogeneity of competition, pricing irregularities and other signs began to show.


Under the guidance of the village team, the North Red Village Family Hotel Association was formally established. \"On the one hand, the association unifies the price of food and accommodation, on the other hand, it establishes a system of supervisors. If the rights and interests of tourists are infringed, they can complain directly to the Municipal Price Supervision and Administration, and the full-time supervisor of the Municipal Bureau is directly responsible for handling the disputes. Zhao Minxing said.


Enter Ren Jinhong's \"Renjia courtyard \", the wall not only hung business license, but also posted two public boards of accommodation and food prices. Among them, the general room is 380 yuan per night, and the Kang room is 580 yuan per night. \"In fact, the usual room price is around 200 yuan, but the peak season business is more popular, also must not exceed the price of the bulletin board. said Ren Jinhong.


On the price announcement board, the price of stewed vegetables, Heilongjiang wild fish, stir-fried vegetables and dozens of staple dishes are clearly marked, which cannot only facilitate guests to order according to a single order, but also prevent the occurrence of vegetable gold disputes.


In the infrastructure upgrading, thanks to the arrival of the poverty relief team, Beihong Village has been in the past two years to obtain relevant government projects. Roadway all hardened, repaired the national small square, all operators unified wooden plaque, but also made a kilometer of willow stick. Nowadays walking in the village is no worse than all the parks in the city. said Ren Jinhong.


Beihong village has 49 building grade card households, most of which are only weak labor capacity, while doing a good job of policy, how to consolidate the quality of poverty relief is a difficult problem in front of Beihong village.


“Since the year before last, we have sought funding for the construction of a more than 1,600-square-metre barn and four 400-square-metre greenhouse shed, with 60 per cent of our income being used to pay dividends to established-grade card holders. Zhou Guangxin, the leader of the village task force, said:" The average household dividend in 2018 is 1331 yuan, reaching 4897 yuan in 2019.


Poverty alleviation should pay more attention to support Zhi,\" it is not that the masses can sit at home to get dividends, usually have to participate in the village environmental improvement, greening and other public welfare activities, according to the number of workers to determine the amount of dividends.\" Zhou guangxin opened an account book, with a detailed record of 49 people working days,\" now the north red village, want to do, to do the concept has been deeply rooted.\"

推荐阅读  2019年12月31日,由中国社会保障学会68位学者评选出的2019年度全国社会保障领域十件大事正式发布。较大幅度降低社会保险费率、出台3岁以下婴幼儿照护服务发展政策、设立儿童福利司与养老服务司、全面取消城乡居民医疗保险个人账户备受民众关注的事件位列其中。

On December 31,2019,10 major events in the field of national social security were officially announced in 2019, selected by 68 scholars of the Chinese Society of Social Security. Significant reductions in social insurance rates, the introduction of policies for the development of infant and child care services under the age of three, the establishment of the Child Welfare Department and the Pension Service Department, and the total elimination of individual accounts of medical insurance for urban and rural residents were among the most concerned incidents.


According to China NetNet, the General Office of the State Internet Information Office, the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the General Office of the Ministry of Public Security and the General Office of the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration jointly issued the \"App method for the determination of illegal collection and use of personal information.