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At Shuanghua Food Factory in Deqing County, Guangdong Province, Mr Leung is doing a live webcast to promote \"Deqing Press \". \"Deqing Press\" is a local traditional snack, to promote \"Deqing Press\" and Deqing local specialty, Liang Bihua in the voice and fast hand and other short video social software opened accounts. Our reporter is delighted


Live e-commerce creates consumption increment, becomes the important driving force to pull the domestic demand, becomes the new domestic goods brand growth fast channel, some new occupation, the new employment arises at the historic moment. At the same time, exaggerated publicity, data injection, after-sales deficiencies and other problems still exist. Some consumers reported that some of the anchors were suspected of spreading false ads while they were carrying the goods, and there were problems with the wrong boards.


From the agricultural goods live broadcast to help the poor, to the public welfare live broadcast to drive the love, and then to the court live broadcast law to shoot the innovation record, the live broadcast business pattern completely erupts, becomes the new flow entrance. However, behind the hot, e-commerce problems in the live industry is constantly emerging. From \"barbaric growth\" to \"make up the lack of introspection \", some live e-commerce needs to seek development in\" dispelling fire \"and\" rectifying deviation \".


Watching live while \"chopping hands \", has become a new way for many people online shopping. According to a report released by industry research firm ai media consultancy, china's online live streaming users will be more than 500 million in 2019, and 40% of the respondents will choose to buy the products recommended by star or network celebrities for live e-commerce. Taobao live broadcast released data shows that in 2018 Taobao live led to a transaction of more than 100 billion yuan, with goods with a year-on-year growth rate of nearly 400%, can buy more than 600,000 items.


In 2019, live broadcast with goods became the key marketing section of the major e-commerce, Taobao, JingDong, mushroom street, fast hand, shake sound, VIPSHOP and so on to join this new e-commerce track.


“is bringing not just high conversion rates, but also" two ups and one downs," with sales, higher satisfaction, lower consulting and less customer pressure." Sen Ma e-commerce deputy general manager Cai Yifan said.


At present, the live broadcast format covers almost all industries including beauty makeup, clothing, food, home, digital appliances, cars and so on. Among the anchor group, one is the brand, the merchant own opens the live broadcast room, the other is the professional anchorman. Professional anchors come from different industries, using professional knowledge to select and recommend goods for consumers, thus forming an authoritative voice in the field of consumption, affecting consumers.


Many experts believe that live e-commerce creates consumption increment, becomes an important driving force to stimulate domestic demand, and becomes a fast channel for the growth of new domestic goods brands, and some new occupations and new employment emerge as the times require.


According to statistics, there are more than 600 incubators, many of them in Hangzhou. Pan he Lin, executive director of the Digital Economics Research Institute of the Central South University of Finance, Economics and Law, believes that the characteristics of the institutionalization and specialization of the network celebrities are becoming more and more obvious, that is, from the UGC (user original content) model to the PGC (professional production content) model in the past.


Open a live room, farmers can sell their own agricultural products to the country. There were 20,000 village broadcasts of Tmall's \"Double 11\" in 2019, with more than 40 county chiefs shouting local farm goods live, according to Alibaba.


Many traditional industries have been transformed by \"grafting\" live. For example, it is difficult to sell jadeite on the Internet in the graphic and text era, but live broadcast can meet the unique sales demand, with flashlights on the back of the light, see the transparency, sales surge.


Thanks to 5G technology, live broadcast will not only be faster and higher definition, even can be enlarged and reduced, see the more detailed part of the goods, which is conducive to the display of goods. Taobao content e-commerce division head Yu Feng believes that live broadcast can cover more and more areas, and can enhance the interaction between users and live broadcast, and even appear AR, VR live, interactive live broadcast and other new live broadcast.


Live broadcasts have also spawned new careers. From anchorman, network red person, to the broker behind them, scene packer, live broadcast assistant, live broadcast lecturer, etc., there are dozens of professions that have risen because of e-commerce live broadcast.


Although live with the wind and fire, but exaggerated publicity, data injection, after-sales deficiencies and other problems still exist. Some consumers reported that some anchors in the delivery of goods suspected of spreading false advertising, goods wrong board and other issues.


—— Exaggerating propaganda. "In the live broadcast, all durian are cooked, just right, get can eat, I heart sent an order, did not expect to get after opening is very raw, publicity and the actual product is seriously inconsistent." Consumer Wang Xiyuan complains.


—— Data water injection. One industry official said he was willing to take the risk. flow rate is the first step and conversion rate is the second step. The income of network red person live broadcast, have certain relation with flow, but still want to see conversion rate finally. Reporters on the Internet search keyword "flip tools ", panning cat traffic, flow hunters are on its official website prompt, can provide live brush volume service. A traffic hunter platform's customer service introduction, an increase of 10,000 views in the price of 400 yuan to 500 yuan, and claimed to be incremental data, will not be detected by the platform fake.


—— Shortage after sale. A consumer told reporters that she bought a dress live and said it would be shipped in a week or so and that she hadn't shipped it in two weeks. Customer service replied that because of the order, clothes are still in the rush. Reporters learned that there are uncontrollable factors in the network popular live broadcast, such as after the sale of products cannot be produced on schedule, delivery, resulting in a large number of returns.


Reporters noted that a number of e-commerce platform has begun to renovate. Taobao live broadcast introduced \"artificial intelligence\" identification technology, quality classification and other functions, and combined with the original commodity, business governance system to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers; mushroom street has a professional anti-cheating team to combat unfair competition.


At the same time, regulators also regulate the format of live broadcast. The State Administration of Radio and Television has issued a notice demanding that the terms of live audio-visual e-commerce programs and advertising programs should be civilized and standardized, and that they should not exaggerate, cheat or mislead consumers.